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September 3, 2009

Insurrection by Convention
By Robert Struble, Jr.
The rural revolt led by Daniel Shays in western Massachusetts had been suppressed by February, 1787. Nonetheless, the notoriety of the event served as a catalyst for the constitutional convention which assembled later that year in Philadelphia.

      Shays' Rebellion was but a stick of dynamite compared to the nuclear devastation, as it were, that afflicts the polity, economy and culture of the USA today. I refer to the postmodernist revolution, the steady transmutation of America since approximately the assassination of JFK. How, pray tell, can citizens suppose that a constitutional convention would now be medicine too strong, or somehow disproportionate to the disaster we face as a result of the ongoing postmodernist revolution?

April 21, 2009

Rule of Law Vetoed by President Obama
By Joel S. Hirschhorn
There are no headlines or pontificating pundits, but the real news that has become crystal clear to any but the most delusional and distracted Americans is that President Obama has no commitment to applying the rule of law where it counts. Certainly, not applying it to the large number of rich and powerful people that have violated our Constitution and plunged the nation into economic disaster.

      Again and again we hear the flimsy argument from Obama and his top advisors that he wants to look forward and not backward. This is tortured logic when it comes to delivering justice in a nation supposedly cherishing the rule of law.

November 23, 2008
Ice Cream and Constitutional Law
By John De Hererra
We have an ice cream store in our neck of the woods, and this is how they do things: The server stands behind buckets of ice cream and cold slab of stone. You choose cookie crumbs, nuts, gummy bears, etc., and the server blends them together on the stone before handing it over to enjoy.

      This is good metaphor to constitutional law and how our Constitution works. The stone is the articles, and the ice cream/crumbs/nuts/bears are what we want governance to taste like.

December 28, 2008
Removing A Failed President
Is a Constitutional Amendment the Answer?

By Joel S. Hirschhorn
Congress has not done its duty nor have those seated in Washington heeded the demands of state legislatures and organized citizens – yet. As the word spreads and people rally around our democratic traditions, fundamental change for good comes headed our way.

      We no longer can trust Congress to impeach and remove a terrible president. The Washington Post has published an op-ed piece by Robert Dallek that proposes a constitutional amendment to allow “ouster by the people” for removing a president other than by impeachment or because of incapacity. Considering the dismal performance of George W. Bush and his administration and the difficulty in obtaining impeachment, this is a fine idea.

December 14, 2008
Thirteen Colonies and the U.S. Constitution
How It Came to Be and Why Change Is Written Within

By John De Herrera
America was originally thirteen colonies. The British had us under their thumb, we organized, and with help, threw off a long train of abuses to secure freedom (the Treaty of Paris 1783 transferred sovereign power from a European monarchy to the people of the colonies, and in turn remaking them into states).

October 15, 2008
When the Federal Government Fails the People
Our Constitution Has a Solution

by Joel S. Hirschhorn
One possible answer might be that what the Constitution requires to launch a convention has never been satisfied. But this is not the case. The one and only requirement is that two-thirds of state legislatures apply to Congress for a convention. With over 600 such state applications from all 50 states that single requirement has long been satisfied. So why no convention? Because Congress has refused to honor the exact constitutional mandate that it “shall” call a convention when that requirement has been met. Simply put, Congress has long broken the supreme law of the land by not calling a convention, and virtually every political force on the left and right likes it that way. Why?

September 6, 2008
Confronting Opposition to an Article V Convention
by Joel S. Hirschhorn
Besides the refusal of Congress to share power when it comes to proposing constitutional amendments, as the Constitution dictates in Article V, over many decades countless special interests have opposed a convention.

        In fact, though there have been many hundreds of state constitutional conventions, almost every year those that have learned how to manipulate the current electoral and legislative system fight new state conventions.  The strategy of status quo forces is always the same: Make the public fear a convention.  Americans must see through such opposition and demand conventions to reform the corrupt taxation with MISrepresentation system.

August 21, 2008
Should You Support Having The Nation's First Article V Convention?
by Joel S. Hirschhorn
Extremely few Americans are aware that the Founders placed a kind of escape clause in our Constitution because they anticipated that citizens might lose trust and confidence in the federal government.  In Article V they created the option for a convention of state delegates that could propose amendments to the Constitution.  They clearly said there was only one requirement to get a convention: two-thirds of states would have to ask for one, and when that happened Congress “shall” convene a convention.  We have never had an Article V convention.  Why?  Because sufficient number of states never asked for one?  No.  Because Congress has refused to obey the Constitution even though there have been over 500 state applications from all 50 states over the years.

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