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Writer's Guidelines

Writer's Guidelines (continued)

  WE INVITE WRITER'S to contribute relevant materials (Features, Articles, Departments, Tip Sheets, Miscellany) to for possible publication. Short articles and digest-version writing is preferred; however, regular columns or random mini-series length features may be appropriate. See 'Query Us' before submitting anything! See definitions below.

      The primary point of focus for is to get Congress to call a convention for proposing amendments to the U.S. Constitution. We are apolitical with regard to specific potential amendments for proposal: Our goal is to build and sustain interest in getting Congress to call a convention to propose amendments. Write interestingly!

Query Us
      Briefly — in 100-words or less — tell us what your contribution is about; make your words work harder to give us a heads-up, quickly. In simple, easy-to-read language — words people are comfortable with, not words to look up in a dictionary. Impress us with your ability to communicate with interested, average American readers. Be a communicator!

Definitions & Classifications
      • Features
      • Articles
      • Departments
      • Tip Sheets
      • Miscellany

See 1-Page Example = 650 to 900-words
See Cluster Articles Example
See 2/3-Page Example = 750-words
See 1/2-Page Example = 350-words
See 1/4-Page Example = 250-words
See Miscellany Example = 100-words

  Publisher's Plan
      To provide a destination on the Web where visitors can read factual, informative and original content—to share with friends, coworkers and family. A Content is King resource for the media/press to quote and/or to connect with authors.

      Congress' approval rating is at an all-time low of 9%, so there's more than enough fair-game topics to pursue. Keep the goal in mind and build a connectivity as you write. No reprints or regurgitated content, please.

      Many articles shall be converted to a easily-downloadable PDF file with author's contact information or website destination. These files are suitable for printing and may be included in a writer's portfolio.

The Big Payoff
      We're seeking dedicated American writers who know how to reach out and touch other Americans—to get them to speak-up and talk back to our Congressional employees! The Big Payoff is inspiring your fellow Americans to get off their collective butts and take our country back by getting Congress to call a convention for proposing amendments, as soon as possible! An Article V Convention is our only opportunity—as set forth by our founding fathers so many years ago. Stand up and be counted!

Where to Send Stuff

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Gordie Hayduk

Gordie Hayduk
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